Pre-Registered Teams in Simulation League 2D

Team-Name Affiliation Country
Gliders2016 University of Sydney and CSIRO Australia
ITAndroids Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica Brazil
RobotBulls 2D National Institute of Telecommunications Brazil
FCP_GPR_2016 UTFPR (Federal University of Technology – Parana – Brazil) / University of Porto / University of Minho / University of Aveiro – Portugal Brazil and Portugal
CSU_Yunlu Central South University China
HfutEngine2016 HeFei University of Technology China
IEU2016 China Henan Province Information Engineering University China
Miracle Hefei Normal University China
MT2016 Key Lab of Network and Intelligent Information Processing, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Hefei University China
LeftEagle AAST Egypt
PAILLEENQUEUE2016 Independent France
FRA-UNIted Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences Germany
Artmis Payame Noor University of Mashhad Iran
CYRUS Shiraz University Of Technology Iran
Echoic Salaam-Resalat High School Iran
Enigma Independent Iran
FURY Atomic Energy High School Iran
Hermes Alameh Helli Highschool Iran
Khayyam Khayyam University Iran
MarliK Hormozgan University Iran
Nexus2D Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Iran
OpFor Independent Iran
Persian_Gulf Islamic Azad University Of Boushehr Iran
Riton Independent Iran
SARMAD Research Institute SARAMAD Iran
SBCE_LegenDary2016 Shahid Beheshti University Iran
Shiraz Shiraz Iran
Soccereus Sharif University of Technology Iran
TOOL Chaotic Cosmos Iran
Ziziphus Islamic Azad University of South Tehran Branch Iran
HELIOS2016 Fukuoka University, Osaka Prefecture University Japan
HillStone Tamagawa University, Tokyo University of Technology Japan
RaiC16 National Institute of Technology, Fukui College Japan
Ri-one Ritsumeikan University Japan
Oxsy Compa-IT Romania


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